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Tianhua Chemical Machinery and automation research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is China Chemical Industry Group, China Chemical Science Research Institute of a key science and technology enterprises, waste heat boiler manufacturers, steam generator manufacturers, was founded in 1958, is located in Lanzhou, Gansu province, is one of the top ten major scientific research institutes in the Ministry of Chemical Industry and one of three pilot units of scientific and technological reform. Our company is mainly engaged in chemical machinery, chemical engineering and equipment, materials and corrosion, production process automation, online analysis instruments, radiological testing instruments and environmental protection technology and equipment research and development, engineering design, product manufacturing and popularization and application work, the product has RTO incinerator, regenerative oxidation furnace, rco regenerative type of catalytic oxidation combustion furnace , direct combustion exhaust gas combustion furnace, waste heat boiler, steam superheater, exhaust incinerator, RTO equipment, waste heat recovery device, honeycomb ceramic filler. Holds the national unification to issue the Chinese engineering consultation (Grade A), the equipment supervision (b), the engineering design (Class B), the pressure vessel design (three kinds), the pressure vessel manufacture (three kinds), the ASME "U" seal manufacture license, the construction Enterprise Anticorrosion insulation Engineering Specialized contract (two), Boiler pressure vessel and pressure piping and special equipment inspection license, state-level laboratory certification, National Metrology certification certificate, measuring Equipment manufacturing license, Nuclear radiation Safety license and other qualifications.

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Core technology research and development strength

There is a state-level Engineering technology Research Center and 3 Departments of Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 National Laboratories, 2 Joint Research Institute of Sinopec, a national inspection and testing Center

Research and development products production strength

Nanjing has an area of 322 acres of large-scale production base, with the first production workshop, auxiliary workshop machining workshop and comprehensive building and other workplaces, with all kinds of large-scale chemical, petrochemical manufacturing equipment more than 80 sets

Product Export service capability

Products are exported to Bangladesh, Korea, Malaysia, the United States, Russia, India, Brazil, Romania and other more than 20 countries and regions